Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

it feels, really good to just, repeat this to myself, weh

is this some kind of euphoria?

(I don't feel like switching back yet)

I like writing lore for KS (the character), can you blame me?

self-lore fun
self-lore fun

I'm getting in halloween spirit or something

Apparently muting a thread in Discord joins the thread.

There is no way to say "I do not want to be reminded of this thread's existence."

What on earth?

begpost, urgent, medical-related

I got art from FlutterSprite on twitter but my instance apparently doesn't play well with small GIF with high framerate, so I'll just link to the post on Twitter instead >w<


So I made a hack of Puzzle Fighter 2 to bring the rebalanced mode of HD Remix back to the original game: github.com/KScl/puzzle-fighter

personal health

just remembering I forgot to take pills yesterday

hmm, that might just be the reason I wasn't feeling so hot

honestly, could use hugs right now.