Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

Happy new yea–
wait, what

no, oh no, please no,


aaaaa hacker doggy art,,

(twitter: ShibaMink)

I will be committing changes in the future, apparently

(Windows keeps screwing with the time and I forgot to fix it)

New episode completion screen (ArcTyr as of about an hour ago)

excuse me, github

i don't think this is how dates work

minecraft, corrupt graphics

@noiob when federation jumbles your blåhaj

Also yes, I replaced the default tile graphics with a jet set of my own creation, because I'm a dork

This isn't a popup you see often

well this sure just happened

(for those not familiar with Riichi Mahjong: Blessing of Heaven is when you win as dealer without ever discarding anything, i.e. your initial hand was valid)


(The previous picture was Terminal Velocity running in Fury³, this is the reverse.)