Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog


Turned on SomaFM to have some relaxing background music, immediately dozed off

I guess I really needed to catch up on sleep

I feel bad dozing off though...

Okay, that's *definitely* a bug. (NOTE: SPOILERS)

Weird bugs with overlapping rules and rewinding

The art assets from Tyrian 2000 are a lot more legally dubious to reuse (Tyrian's were released in the public domain IIRC, but the new art in 2000 is from a different artist), and I don't even like what Tyrian 2000 added in the first place.

Nevertheless I want to make sure Tyrian 2000's data files work if someone puts them there.

Maybe this will result in a proper OpenTyrian2000, at some point down the line.

Streaming (again)

when you get so caught up modding a game that you wind up fixing a memory corruption bug in the original game and sending a PR in

Can I snuggle up to cuties while working on stuff

Like, is this a thing I can do

Because I would really like to do that >w<