Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

If you're not following my backup account at @KS, now might be a good time. Starting a media migration to Jortage shortly; as you may have gathered from the previous posts, disk space has finally run short on my little server here.

I doubly love that the rake tasks to remove old media don't run if disk space is full. Genius.

I love how the way Mastodon handles "disk is full" is "completely explode and not tell you why"

am a sick woof today, please send hugs :<

Goodnight, sweet prince that I called Ingress.

I refuse to use the godawful mess called Prime, so this is how it ends, I guess. is.a.qute.dog/media/ykk46sahIT

qwerty users, dvorak users, lend me your ears and eyes:

I have an odd obsession with segmented displays

Especially seven-segment displays

bleh, the stick on my left joycon is starting to drift pretty badly.

I thought you had the concept of a joystick nailed down, Nintendo, how did you manage a design flaw like this?

--, gaming

Literally my second Home Run Contest attempt ever and I send Sandbag almost 400km with a tipper bat smash

good afternoon fedi,

sorry if I haven't been around much, work has been stressful and exhausting lately

tiny rant re: labor laws
tiny rant re: labor laws

just tried to swipe "heh" on my phone keyboard and it got turned into "hhgregg" fucking meme lord piece of shit phone

example of why "oh, it'll happen when the stars go past the forked repo's stars" is a terrible idea:

glitch-soc/mastodon, with 143 stars, and 2457 commits that mainline doesn't have, is unsearchable.

why are "forked repositories are not searchable". like, how is it literally ANY DIFFERENT from searching a regular repository.
github you're not like, a perky startup that needs to save memory on search indexes. at the very least try to figure out how to dedupe results based on diffs