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there is absolutely no reason to forbid spaces in passwords

random software dev musing

For reference, this is what the original release of PdP SNES does: is.a.qute.dog/media/sNSDdGKEs1

Notice how the chain garbage block is broken up into multiple pieces?

This is not how PdP normally drops garbage... this appears to be a previously unreleased revision of the game.

ACNH, turnips
ACNH, turnips
bi flag discourse, thoughts
bi flag discourse, thoughts

When you drop 100k bells on a pc and it does this #AnimalCrossing

uspol, nvpol, covid-19

IAQD turns 3 today. My little home on the fediverse has been around for three whole years.

I've seen many instances come and go in all this time. I think I'm one of the oldest single-user instances that's still around. (Though someone's free to correct me on this point.)

It's like I'm barking into the void.

ACNH, spoilers