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I am such a klutz.

I go into the kitchen to cook food and I come out with a PB&J sandwich and a burned foot.

_how am I supposed to explain this_

Memories from four years ago: That time where I scored almost 300 points with one word in Scrabble

(Pictured: ADEQUATe, 27 * 9 + 50 for 293)

Existential crisis re: doxxing and respectability
stalking, doxxing

Worms Armageddon got an update today.


It's 2020. The game's old enough to drink at this point and it's still getting updates.

so I figured out why I couldn't connect to my server during the outage, despite the fact that I don't use Cloudflare at all

... DigitalOcean's nameservers *do* use Cloudflare, sigh

Check the date on that last RT. That's a _year and a half ago_.

The black striped trans flag is older than you think and has connotations that you're not thinking of, so maybe _don't_ shit on nonbinary people for bringing them up to you, thanks.

you know that trans flag with the black stripe?

did you know that white stripe is for enbies like me?

did you know an enbyphobic trans woman on a now dead instance popularised the black stripe flag?


the black stripe erases enbies

Today's gender: yes

(I don't know how to describe it but I'm using they/them pronouns for myself, which is unusual)

Further screenshots: Various levels exclusive to Tyrian 2000.

From first to last, these images are: The title screen, the Timed Battle mode that Tyrian 2000 introduced, shopping for ships including some Tyrian 2000 specific ones, and the slightly revised weapon purchasing screen.

So, I've spent the last few days using all the knowledge I've learned working with ArcTyr to fork OpenTyrian (again...) and finally add *proper* Tyrian 2000 support.

The source code is publicly available: github.com/KScl/opentyrian2000

No builds currently because I don't have an environment set up to build for Windows.

SCP (secure cuddle protecc) foundation

*programmer art intensifies* is.a.qute.dog/media/NodNJk8S45

I guess I'm back to doing Tyrian dev stuff huh

--- ping statistics ---
360 packets transmitted, 199 received, 44% packet loss, time 362132ms

Don't mind me, just having a normal one here