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I need somebody to just ... talk to, right now. But everybody here is asleep, and rightfully so.

hey look, it's me, still up after trying to sleep almost two hours ago, who can't fall asleep because his tinnitus is aggravated badly enough now to be louder than the white noise from my phone a foot away from me

is there a #tulpa masto instance out there somewhere

Looks like me and @Raspberryfloof are heading out to San Fran on March 20th and staying the week, probably going to look into going to the side events surrounding GDC but not the actual conference itself, since I think it's not worth the money unfortunately

(paging @Triplefox)

ughhh I could use help getting out of bed

alternatively, snuggles so I don't have to get out of bed

hi, I'm not feeling so hot tonight

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I did actually buy the transparent dark green Joycons, by the way. I think they'll look cool.

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I'm debating getting this or something similar as a Christmas gift to myself.

Dark green with chips, board, etc. stuff showing through pretty well matches my aesthetic.

I am beaming you all hugs from work

Steam cuts off Bitcoin sales, for obvious reasons...

A bunch of people throwing a fit in the comments and also suggesting their favorite altcoin...

And then, there's this: is.a.qute.dog/media/XVgoKI5HsM

Minor accomplishments: I can reliably work the clasps on a bra from behind my back, finally. Don't need to spin it around to put it on or take it off anymore

... oh. well. I found the source for SignPrintf.

... I wonder how many people know what SignPrintf *was* at this point.


Mostly got my portfolio in order... still needs some looks over before I'm comfortable with it though x-x

I was supposed to finish my portfolio today, but writing it is so hard for me...

Am I going to have to switch back to Firefox proper with its hideous new UI just to get things working right? It seriously looks like it.