Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

aaaaa hacker doggy art,,

(twitter: ShibaMink)

aaaaa hacker doggy art,,

(twitter: ShibaMink)

hm, jortage throwing occasional 502s

@deer you might be aware of this already but just in case

Long-form: Visual character description (just saving this somewhere so it doesn't get lost)

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it just sounds so nice, so right,

so fitting for me,


repetition, self-image
repetition, self-image

this ends me being nerdsniped by r/speedrun again

fun fact: java.util.Random is literally just rand48


does Minecraft use Random or SecureRandom for random number generation, I'm curious now

genderfluid problems: looking into name change stuff and being unsure of which first name to use

Positive aspect of this: It got me to realize how much I despise my deadname, and I'm *finally* taking steps to rid it from everywhere I can.

I guess it really is time to seek out a legal name change.


Yeah I'm doing beta releases via patreon, it helps me get past my barrier of "everything *has* to be near-perfect to publicly release things"

I will be committing changes in the future, apparently

(Windows keeps screwing with the time and I forgot to fix it)

Do you know why I dread working with Windows?

This shit is why. Every time I need to change or update something in Windows it feels entitled enough to declare itself the One True Operating Systemâ„¢ again and I have to open BIOS setting again to kick it back to grub

Windows stop fucking setting yourself to the top of the boot order challenge

I'd normally use CI to make windows builds for me, but appveyor doesn't let you set it up to a private repository unless you pay them monthly, so oof