Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

@monorail @BatElite the other side to this is that if someone plays a [[City in a Bottle]], your 9th ed. [[Dancing Scimitar]] would get sacrificed now, even though it wouldn't before

@unascribed unsure if the shaded part is "how much will be used" or "how much will be left" but i guess that would become clear after one use

so i got the janssen vaccine yesterday

oof, it's hitting me pretty hard today, though

@monorail it's situational but yeah, it can work.

a few years back, my original xbox had major problems reading discs before i ran one of those through it, and it worked much better afterwards


@Elizafox I think the fact that Linux users *still* can't stream with audio years later makes it obvious they don't care even the slightest

Hell I remember one of the updates completely broke the debian package they force you to download on update, just making the entire thing unusable for a bit

I was today years old when I learned you could hit the ball back onto the tee ground in Neo Turf Masters and it'll put the ball *back onto the tee* for you

you ever look at images of your fursona and think "hey that's me! :3" and get really happy in a way you can't really describe and actively avoid unpacking at all


gosh i've been quiet for a while,

good morning,

@Kat alien hominid perhaps

can't think of much else beyond that