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fuck nooooo

i typed a capital i

behold, the internet as I saw it in high school, circa... 2007? 2008? is.a.qute.dog/media/mP8pbTLoqd

one annoying thing pleroma seems to do is still "mention" people even without an actual mention in the post

most easily seen with cwed self replies, which show the user mentioning themselves before you open the cw, which disappears after

but i've also gotten a few replies to toots that have no mentions at all, but still show in my notifications column as a mention anyway

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ugh, timeline too busy, the end of my home tl is only three hours back

wow look at all the cuties on my tl right now <3

*makes beeping noises* cuddle gauge low!!

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*waves to the sky in @KitRedgrave's general direction*

Boost this toot if you've ever been wage theft-ed.

(I have by two separate companies choosing to not clock overtime correctly.)

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watching people set up a minecraft server over irc is bringing up a lot of memories... some good, some bad, but all very nostalgic

i can't do anything about mentions, sadly, they autocorrect to "proper" capitalization even if i correct them beforehand to be all lowercase

i'm tempted to go all lowercase for a few days in support of the golden knights