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cw meta

@Felthry funny enough, that hint does not exist in the FDS version, that line references the skeleton key instead

so there's no real mistranslation because there's no translation in the first place, it's just a really bad hint

@Felthry most hints are direct translations IIRC

Long-form: Visual character description (just saving this somewhere so it doesn't get lost)

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vent about bullshit discourse

it just sounds so nice, so right,

so fitting for me,


repetition, self-image
repetition, self-image

@unascribed wait what

why would you constantly reseed, that defeats most of the point ...

this ends me being nerdsniped by r/speedrun again

fun fact: java.util.Random is literally just rand48


does Minecraft use Random or SecureRandom for random number generation, I'm curious now

@Kat *leans into scritch, ears flitting,,,*

genderfluid problems: looking into name change stuff and being unsure of which first name to use

Positive aspect of this: It got me to realize how much I despise my deadname, and I'm *finally* taking steps to rid it from everywhere I can.

I guess it really is time to seek out a legal name change.